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Do you dislike spending so much time writing those long emails, letters and other documents? Why? Probably because we all think much faster than we can type. Typing slows down our thinking when we’re trying to write what we mean. When you factor in how fast you type, having to make sure you spell all your words correctly, using the different keys and mouse… yea, all of these things interfere with your thought process.

Instead of just focusing on what you want to say, naturally, you have to interfere with all of that creativity by having to physically translate thoughts to written words. It’s definitely slower than just speaking, and it’s definitely not fun.

Fortunately, there is a solution for this… it’s dictation software. Imagine, you’re about to start that long letter or email, instead of dreading the sit-down and finger exercises,  you put your feet up and speak! The software uses your microphone to listen to you speak while it writes what you’re saying – like you have a super fast assistant typing for you while you say the words. It’s great.

Dictation Software

You can:

  • Create documents
  • To-do lists
  • Send email
  • Surf the web
  • Perform basic computer functions

All without touching your mouse or keyboard. Now, it’s not perfect… sometimes it will need some help, but the majority of the time it will do what you want it to. Once you get into using it, it will learn how you speak, how you pronounce words, and over time will become more and more accurate for you.


  • Write things faster. “Open Word”… “Dear Bob”… “This letter is to….” – that’s all! You speak, it writes.
  • Let the software worry about spelling!
  • Give your hands, wrists, eyes, neck and back a rest.
  • Use your built-in microphone, wireless microphone or headset.
  • Overall productivity will increase greatly in all tasks that require writing.

We highly suggest you give it a try. The cost is definitely worth the time saved!

We Recommend:

Dragon Home edition for individual users who want to take advantage of dictation and only basic computer control.

Or Dragon Professional for those who not only want the dictation feature, but also the ability to automate more computer tasks.

If you’d like a USB headset optimized for Dragon, check out:

Or a wireless headset:


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